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At The Brunn Law Firm Co., L.P.A., we represent individuals and businesses facing various types of contract issues. As an experienced legal team offering both legal services and representation, our work in the courtroom strengthens our ability to draft, negotiate and review contracts, and vice versa. We understand the issues that make contracts legally unenforceable or expose a client to the risk of litigation, and we use that knowledge to our advantage when litigating a contract dispute or drafting contracts with the aim of avoiding litigation.

Ready To Assist With A Wide Variety Of Contracts And Disputed Issues

We can help you draft a range of contracts and agreements, including those related to:

  • Business sales and vendor contracts
  • Contracts to govern professional relationships and endeavors
  • Construction contracts
  • Real estate purchase and sales contracts
  • Basic testamentary documents in estate law (e.g. last will and testament or health care durable power of attorney)
  • Employment agreements with all necessary provisions, including noncompete, nondisparagement and nondisclosure clauses
  • Severance agreements

We are also there to help you when a contract dispute arises. From the client who contracts for services that either are not performed at all or are not performed as promised, to the client who contracts for automobile insurance benefits which are not being provided, we have represented numerous clients over the years in negotiating and litigating contract disputes.

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