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Legal Advocacy For Workers In Wrongful Termination And Employment Discrimination Matters

Last updated on September 20, 2022

For many professionals, work is about more than just a paycheck. Our jobs give us a sense of purpose, pride and identity. For these reasons, illegal treatment in the workplace can be personally devastating as well as financially harmful. Thankfully, help is available for those who have been wronged. The attorneys at The Brunn Law Firm Co., L.P.A. have successfully represented numerous persons who have been terminated in violation of the terms of an employment contract, or have otherwise been discriminated against under federal and Ohio laws.

What Defines Wrongful Termination And Illegal Employment Discrimination?

Some professionals work under specific contracts that guarantee employment for a certain period of time, or which offer job protections by narrowly defining the circumstances under which they can be fired. If an employer violates the terms of these contracts, that would be a clear case of wrongful termination.

However, most individuals and businesses in Ohio have an “at-will” employment relationship. This means that either side can choose to end the employment relationship (by firing or quitting) for any reason (or for no reason) and at any time. However, there are some very clear limits placed on employers in at-will employment relationship, as spelled out in Section 4112.02(A) of the Ohio Revised Code.

The statute makes clear that it is unlawful and discriminatory “for any employer, because of the race, color, religion, sex, military status, national origin, disability, age, or ancestry of any person, to discharge without just cause, to refuse to hire, or otherwise to discriminate against that person with respect to hire, tenure, terms, conditions, or privileges of employment, or any matter directly or indirectly related to employment.”

If you’ve suffered an adverse employment action that you know or suspect was related to one of the protected characteristics above, our attorneys can help you seek justice and compensation in civil court.

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